Greg the Keg

Eager to get some more commercial directorial reps under my belt, I offered to create a commercial for a local beverage delivery company, VIBE NC. With no restrictions, no red tape, and... no budget, we decided to just have fun with it. The result... Greg the Keg!

Fun Fact: The car used in this spot was my 88' Ford Bronco. Later that evening, it suffered an unkown malfunction and caught fire. This piece will always remind me of my beloved Bronco.

Client: VIBE NC
Studio: Wheelhouse
My Role: Director, DP, Editor

Behind the scenes

Still Frames


Client: VIBE NC - Brandon Reed
Studio: Wheelhouse
Producer: Adam Colborne & Elliot Wilks
Director/DP/Editor: Elliot Wilks
Swing: Brandon Riddell
1st AC: John Allred

Employee: Victor Kuchmaner
Delivery Man: Brandon Reed
Extras: Kendyl Bradley, Adam Colborne
Special thank you to Passport Health!