Ships in the Night

A woman battling sleep paralysis enlists the help of an illustrious hypnotherapist for an overnight session in her home. His expertise is put to the test as unknown phenomena begin to occur, and he notices a pattern observed in previous patients.

After winning multiple awards including Best Directing, Editing and Audience Choice Award at the Charlotte 48 film festival, I felt the urge to create more. So, I assembled some local talent and crew, and made Ships in the Night. This film was created, From pre-production to final master, in the span of 1 month, outside of working hours.

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Run Time: 12 Minutes
My Role: Writer, Director, Editor, Producer

Still Frames


Martine Gianfrisco: Cameran Bellamy
Dr Hoffman: Jonathan C. Stephens
Detective Harris: Victor Kuchmaner
Detective Irvine: Ollie Crooms
Police Dispatch Woman:
Medical Receptionist: Caroline Greelish
Entity: Victor Kuchmaner

Writer & Director: Elliot Wilks
Director of Photography: Kevin Gjetley
Composer: Charles Gaddis
Gaffer: Jim Cote
1st AC: Christian Shontz
2nd AC: Stephen West-Rogers
Sound Engineer: Clyde Covington
Production Assistant: Eugene Hopson
Props/Wardrobe/HMUA: Kendyl Bradley